hair for boys

Dear All Readers,
I am so sorry i haven’t been blogging much, but i am back into the memo now so lets begin.
Just for the warm up last time i posted it was on “if u are bored”.
This time it is gonna be on fashion for boys. If you’re a boy and feel like doing something, and don’t have time to play a video game.I suggest fashion get a bottle of styling gel (if you don’t have styling gel i would use water), and a comb. You can do a lot of cool hairstyles with just a comb and water.

Different ways to do your hair:Rock,Elegant,and for school.

Make sure your hair is wet.

get you comb in one hand and brush your hair straight up.
Use the other hand to push against the brush with the hair in the brush.
Last but not least,
brush straight up with hand pressure on it and pull upwards until the brush is out of your hair.
And now you got a mohawk.
Tune in next time for more ideas
Goodnight from Erika:)

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